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Today’s schedule- 930am class, 1030-Noon Open Gym


Warmup: 20 step monster walk, 40 jump rope, 20 Russian swings, 40 jump rope, 20 wallballs with 2 sec pause @ bottom (12/10), CJ Warmup with Coach- Empty Barbell

WL: Clean & Jerk every 90 sec- 60/3, 65/3, 70/3, 75/2, 80/2, 85/1, 90/1, 93/1

Conditioning: With a partner if possible, if not rest 1:1

100m (50m down and 50m back) prowler push x 6 sets (135/100 total weight)


-2 min box ankle stretch each side

-2 min lacrosse ball glutes each side