Saturday-141220…12 Days of a VTG Christmas WOD!!!

. :///.

Last years results for comparison.

Don’t forget to arrive before your heat to warmup and be ready to start at the time you signed up for. Looking forward to seeing you guys crush this wod!

-500m row or 2 min air bike
-10 each: ankle stretch,90/90,inner thigh,PVC passes,scapula push-ups

12 Days of a VTG Christmas
-1 Full Snatch
-2 OHS
-3 BTN Push Press
-4 Back Squat
-5 Pull-ups
-6 Burpees
-7 T2B
-8 Split Jumps
-9 KBS (53/35)
-10 Lateral Jumps Over Bar
-11 HSPU
-12 Thrusters
*30 min time cap.

This workout goes in order like the song. First the athlete will complete 1 full snatch, then 1 full snatch+ 2 OHS, then 1 full snatch+2 OHS+3 BTN Push Press, etc until they finish all 12 days.