***Schedule Change- today’s morning classes and the 5pm youth strength and conditioning class have been cancelled. We will assess road conditions midday tomorrow and make a determination on tomorrow’s afternoon classes then.

At Home Wod:

Warmup: 2 sets- 5 Retract+Sheet Pull+Protract with 2 sec pauses at each position, 10 Alternating Bird Dogs with 2 sec pause at top, 6 Alternating Seesaw Walks with 3 sec pause

Wod: If you have a Partner choose option 1, if not choose option 2

Option 1: 5 sets, Alternating full Round with Partner

-Max Unbroken Sheet Pulls (position body at angle to allow minimum 10 Reps)

-6 Partner Hamstring Curls with 5 sec eccentric

-60 sec Plank Hold

Option 2: 5 Sets, with 2 min rest between each set-

-Max Unbroken Sheet Pulls (position body at angle for minimum of 10)

-25 sec Single Leg Glute Bridge Leg Raises each side

-60 sec Plank Hold


-2 min standing hamstring stretch

-2 min cat to camel with 2 sec pause at each position