***Classes are on for tomorrow, however with the winter weather moving into our area that is subject to change. We will check road conditions tomorrow morning and make a final determination before 8am. In the event that classes are cancelled, there is an at home workout listed below the class workout. Please message Coach Matt individually with any questions. Here is today’s (tentative) signup:

Warmup: 2 min on/2 min off x 5 sets

-20/15 calorie row

-Max Distance Handstand Walk


-2 min modified pigeon pose

-2 min foam roll t-spine/lats

At Home Wod:

Warmup: 2 sets- 60 sec calf raises with 3 sec pause at top, 10 Alternating shoulder taps with 2 sec pause at top, 10 bird dogs with 2 sec pause at top

Wod: 2 min on/2 min off x 5 sets-

-60 Lateral Hop over folded towel

-Max Wall Facing Shoulder Taps in time Remaining (scale with shoulder taps at top of push-up position)


-2 min wall calf stretch

-2 min cat to cow