Equipment Wod-

  1. 5 sets- Right Side: 5 KB Side Bends, 5 KB Front Squats, 5 KB Snatch or Clean and Jerk, 50 Foot Overhead KB Carry, Left Side: same as right, Rest as minimally as needed to complete each set unbroken. Use a challenging weight but complete all sets without stopping or putting KB Down.
  2. 3 Sets- Max Unbroken Strict HSPU (minimum 5 reps, sub out Max Pushups), 8 Partner Hamstring Curls or 10-12 DB Hamstring Curls, Rest 3 min.

Body weight Workout

-5 Rounds: Max Unbroken HSPU (minimum 5, sub out Max Pushups), Max Wall Sit (if you hold for more than 1 min, go to Single Leg holds Alternating every 20 sec until failure), Rest 2 min.

Cool Down Stretch

*Note- Demo videos for both workouts including warmups and examples of all movements for today’s wods can be found on the CrossFit VTG Facebook page and VTG Members Group Page.