Saturday-220903…The Final Wod and Party!!!

Today’s Signup-

-Ha! It’s the last Wod, ain’t no signup, just show up no later than 10 ready to work. Or show up at 11 ready to party, whatever.

Warmup: Bike or Row or something, just have a barbell out by 1005. Then, zip it and listen. Seriously, listen cuz Coach is doing this Wod at the same time as the class and ain’t gonna be answering your questions once 3,2,1,go happens.

Wod: Teams of 2

-60 Cleans (135/85)

-60 Strict Pullups

-400m Run (both partners complete each run together)

-50 Jerks

-50 C2B Pullups

-400m Run

-40 Thursters

-40 Bar Muscleups

-400m Run


-Pop at top and enjoy a cold one. Bring a chair to sit in, a side or dessert to share, anything you want to drink besides High Life, Coors Light, or water, and enjoy the party.