Today’s Schedule:

830-930 Open Gym and Pro-Activty TN Consults

930am Group Class

1030-Noon Pro-Activity TN Consults


Warmup: 2 min airbike, then- movement prep with Coach

Conditioning: Teams of 2, 25 min Amrap-

-2 Mile Team Run (8 total laps, partners alternate each lap)

-300 Double Unders

-400M Partner Sandbag Carry (180/140- Note: bag must be carried in front bear hug position.  Partners may alternate the bag between each other during the carry however, if the bag touches the ground at any time both partners must complete 30 Burpees each before continuing.)

-Max Cal Airbike in Remaining Time


-2 min barbell calf smash

-2 min lacrosse ball glutes