Today’s Signup:

***Due to the forecast of inclement weather starting Sunday evening and continuing into Monday morning, today’s 515am class has been cancelled. Stay tuned for any further cancellations or schedule changes. Luckily, today’s workout can be performed with no equipment and there is a full warmup listed below. Enjoy and post your score to the VTG members Facebook page.

Warmup: 3 sets- 4 Inch Worms with rotation to each side, 30 sec side plank leg raise hold+5 reach unders each side, 10 Unweighted Reverse Snow Angels

Wod Prep: 3 sets- 20 sec Burpees to 6” target (or just regular burpees with deliberate jump off floor), 20 sec rest

Wod: Open Wod 12.1- 7 minutes Max Burpees to Target 6” above highest reach


-2 min couch stretch

-2 min pigeon pose