***Note- today’s morning classes are cancelled. We will reassess road conditions midday and post the afternoon schedule by 1pm.

At Home Wod-

Warmup: 2 sets- 30 sec side plank leg raise hold+5 reach unders each side, 6 Alternating knee cradle quarter lunge with vertical tilt stretch, 5 retract+sheet pull+protract with 2 sec pause at each position

Wod: 100 Sheet Pulls for time

*Every break complete- 20 sec side plank leg raise hold each side, and 20 alternating split jumps

**Position body at angle to allow for a minimum of 10 sheet pulls on most sets. Scale split jumps with lunges as needed. Message Coach Matt individually with any questions.


-2 min pigeon pose

-2 min door frame pec stretch