***Note- the gym is closed until a minimum April 7. Full video descriptions with warmups, movement demos, and cool downs for at home workouts are posted on the CrossFit VTG Facebook page and VTG Members Group Page each day.

Equipment Wod: 5 Sets

-7 KB Clean, 7 KB Stepups, 100 Foot Front Rack Carry (50 Feet out and back)

*1 set= above exercises all with left arm, then all with right arm

*Use heaviest KB or DB that will allow for Unbroken sets, resting as minimally as possible between sets but still going Unbroken.

Bodyweight Wod:

-5 Rounds for time

-20 sec T-Hold each side

-20 Alternating Stepups

-100 Foot Bear Crawl

Cool Down Stretch

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