***Reminder- we strongly encourage all members to come do the open workout in the evening if possible so that we will have plenty of judges and make a fun and encouraging atmosophere for everyone.  There will NOT be the normal 4,5,&6 pm classes today.  We will begin running heats in the evening at 420pm and every 20 minutes until we get everyone thru.  Sign up for your desired heat upon arrival, warm yourself up, and be ready to go when your heat is scheduled to begin.  Thanks in advance for helping us to run this as smooth as possible.  Good luck to everyone!!!

Warmup: 30 cal row, then- 2 Rounds: 60 sec alternating contralateral Deadbugs, 6 knee cradle lunge with elbow drop and twist, 10 alternating shoulder taps with 2 sec pause. Then- 2 Rounds: 10 cal row, 10 Wallballs.

Open Wod 19.1-

15 min Amrap:

-19 Wallballs (20/14)

-19 cal Row


-2 min barbell quad smash

-2 min barbell trap smash