***Reminder- we will be running heats starting at 420pm this afternoon and going every 20 minutes to get everyone through. Upon arriving, please sign up on the white board for the heat you wish to participate in, warmup on your own, and be ready when your heat is scheduled to begin. If you can stay and help judge at least one heat then it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if any of you have some extra 50, 35, or 20# Dumbbells that you wouldn’t mind bringing to the gym for people to use then that would be awesome. Looking forward to seeing all of you tackle 18.2!!!

Warmup: 2 sets- 12 cal airbike, 30 sec 4-way Deadbug, 6 knee cradle lunge with back heel touch, 5 scapula depressions, then- movement prep with Coach

Open Wod 18.2: In 12 minutes Complete
1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 Reps of- DB Squats (50’s/35’s), Bar Facing Burpees
Then- 1RM Clean

-2 min couch stretch
-2 min barbell quad smash