2018 Crossfit Open Login and General Info

Good Afternoon VTG’ers!!! Crossfit VTG is officially registered as an affialiate and team for the 2018 Crossfit Games Open. We encourage all of you to register and participate in the Open with us. Follow this link to register- https://games.crossfit.com/cf/login?returnTo=%2Fmanage-competition%2Fteam&flow=games . You must be registered and submit your week 1 score no later than 5pm CST on Monday February 26 in order to officially particapte. We will program, perform, and judge the Open workouts as a gym every Friday during each regularly scheduled class. If you cannot perform the workout on Friday each week then you are responsible for getting a day, judge, and time when you can perform the workout. While we strongly recommend that you perform the workout with us on Friday’s, you will be allowed to perform the workout during other open gym and class times ONLY IF SPACE AND EQUIPMENT ALLOW. We will have enough scorecards for each registered athlete printed and ready at the gym by the 4pm class each Friday of the open. If you plan to perform the workout before then, or to perform it multiple times, then please print your own scorecard(s). Please email Coach Matt at crossfitvtg@gmail.com with any questions. Thanks!!!