Katy Foottit


Certifications– Crossfit Level 1, First Aid/AED/CPR

Education– Bachelors Degree in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine at Middle Tennessee State University

Background– “I am 26 years old and have participated in sports my entire life. I played many sports growing up, some organized and some with the neighborhood kids. I played softball and volleyball in high school and was able to continue playing softball in college. After my collegiate career I tried many different fitness programs and did not like any of them. I stumbled upon CrossFit by chance and I was immediately hooked. I fell in love with the competitiveness that it created in my life that I missed after collegiate athletics. My favorite aspect of CrossFit by far is the fact that everyone, in any stage of life, can do CrossFit and better themselves because of it. I love helping people reach their goals within CrossFit and in life!” – Katy Footitt