Henry Mathis


Certifications– Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Level 2, Crossfit Weightlifting

Education– B.S. in Information Networking and Telecommunicaitons: Emphasis in Networking from Fort Hays State University

Background– “I am not your normal crossfitter as I do not have much a physical or sport related background at all. I grew up moving around a lot and as such I learned to keep myself entertained which eventually brought me to the world of video games and computers where I flourished even joining Computer Club in high school. In my early 20’s I decided that my family’s health history is terrible and I should do something to combat what challenges I will face later in life. To this end I started exercising with a friend in our local gym with a lot of success. Unfortunately, I later needed to move to a different state for work and had to exercise on my own which wasn’t very successful. This is where Crossfit entered my life. I started my first Crossfit class about 4 years ago and through the community and camaraderie I have stayed engaged. As I got more involved I found that I also enjoyed helping my classmates as well, which led to me seeking my certifications and coaching. I now have over 2 years of coaching experience and enjoy every minute of it!”