Daniel Victory


Certifications- Crossfit Level 1

Background- I started searching local Crossfit gyms in 2013 in an effort to find something different, after working out in regular gyms since right after high school. My youth sports consisted of baseball, football, swimming, and some basketball. All of which were fun, until I became old enough to drive and started competing at several tracks in the Southeast in a stock car.

After losing my wife to cancer in 2014, VTG and the entire Crossfit community stepped up to help push myself and my two kids through that difficult time. This experience has shown me the importance of a selfless lifestyle and I look forward to the opportunity to apply that through coaching.

After doing Crossfit for almost 4 years, I decided to get my Level 1 in 2017 in an effort to make myself better, but more importantly, to have the opportunity to lead, encourage, and motivate others. Whether it be grinding through a difficult workout, or digging deeper than ever before just to keep moving forward in life.