We require all those who are new to Crossfit to go through our On Ramp Program.  Our On Ramp Program consists of 5 classes (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday of the first week, and Tuesday, Thursday of the second week). The first On Ramp class is FREE and includes a lecture in which we answer questions like What is Crossfit, How is it different than other training programs, and topics like nutrition, sleep, and how they effect health and fitness.  The first class then concludes with a short workout.  The client can choose if they would like to continue with the remaining 4 on ramp classes after the first free class.  The purpose of these classes is to introduce each person to Crossfit Methodology, movements, and gradually ramp up intensity while preparing the client to attend our regular Crossfit classes. The On Ramp classes are capped off at 10 clients per class so that each person receives top quality instruction and attention from one of our certified trainers. The cost for the On Ramp classes are $100 per client and includes two weeks of FREE unlimited regular classes immediately after completion of the fifth On Ramp Class. Upon completion of the On Ramp classes and the FREE two weeks of regular classes, clients may sign up for longer term commitments. Length of commitment and prices are listed under the Pricing tab.
If you have any questions or would like to sign up for a membership or schedule your free trial On Ramp Class, please contact us by any of the following
Phone – 615-653-2866
Or in person at our facility